Chris inherited his passion for cars from his dad at an early age and
this passion has only grown stronger. Recently, Chris rebuilt his dad's old
Corvette, into his dream Corvette. What is Chris's next dream? To pass on this
passion...and car to his son. Talk about a dream that has legacy!

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What were your dream(s) as a kid? What are you dream(s) today?

My dad purchased his first Corvette in 1996, so I grew up always wanting a Corvette of my own. In 2004, I made my dream a reality when I purchased the car from him. Numerous projects have occurred with this car that I have been able to share with my father, and I hope to do the same with my son down the road.

Do you feel as if you're living your dream(s) now?

Every day! Have to have hobbies that you can share with others. My son is only 1.5 years old, and he is already a car fanatic...he is always making engine sounds! Looking forward to teaching him how to build a car in the future.

What has gone into these decisions to chase your dream(s)?

Dreams take time to evolve, so it takes some planning from a time and financial standpoint. For example, the most recent project of transplanting new technology in a 20 year old car took over two years to complete. Buy some parts, assemble, hit road block, research, and start the whole process over.

Do you feel you would work as hard as you do without this dream or others?

Having a supportive wife really helps make this dream a reality. She understands that I need hobbies like the Corvette to get my mind off the challenges of every day life. It makes our time and life together that much more enjoyable when we are both happy.

What was the first step you took towards achieving your dream?

Identifying the things you enjoy in life is the first step. I feel having a hobby drives me to perform better at my job. Work hard, play hard mentality.

What financial steps did you go through to work toward this dream? How long have you been planning for this?

First, I had to understand the financials of every day life, and also my goals for the next five years or so. After that, I set aside funds each month in what I called the “me” fund. I did not rush anything. It is a hobby. If it takes multiple years to complete, the end result is that much more gratifying.

Who was your biggest supporter/motivator and what did they do that helped you the most?

My wife is the biggest supporter, and my dad is my biggest motivator. They both feel that when there is something you want in life, go out and get it!

What drives you every day?

Happiness. Life has a lot of challenges, but having something I enjoy to take my mind off it for a while, make life that much better.

Why do you do what you do? How much satisfaction has this created in your life?

I love challenges. There are only a few people that have transplanted the LS engine technology in a C4 Corvette. After years of hard work with my dad, when you hear someone say, “that is how it is supposed to be done”…that is satisfaction! The fact that I can beat most of my dad’s buddies in their new Corvettes is pretty satisfying too!

Would you have changed anything along the way to where you are today?

Not at all. Nothing can replace the memories of performing these projects with my dad.

How has your plan changed over the last 3 years? How do you think it will change in the next 3 years? Where do you think your dreams will be in 3 years?

When I started the last project, my wife and I did not have any children. Having our son 1.5 years ago puts a totally different perspective on things. Seeing his eye light up when he is in the car reminds me of when I was young. This car will forever be in the family, so in 3 years I hope to still be enjoying the results of the hard work. Road trips with my wife, and cruising with my son.

What advice do you have for others pursuing their dreams?

Never give up. If it takes longer than you project, the results are that much more gratifying.

Has the progress of your dream been a steady line or more of a rollercoaster?

Looking at the past 10 years owning the Corvette, I would say kind of a rollercoaster. Blowing up the engine a few years ago really threw a wrench in things, but I looked at the positive of a bad situation. End result was the challenge and satisfaction of transplanting new technology in a 20 year old car, while making a lot of memories bonding with my dad.

Could you imagine doing anything other than pursuing your dream?

No. Enjoying life and making memories…what is better than that?

What is your proudest moment to date?

Being able to share my passion with my dad, and pass that on to my son. This car was my dad’s first Corvette, my first Corvette, and will some day be my son’s first Corvette.

What are some of your wins along the way?

When the title showed up with my name on it, when the new engine started for the first time, and burning tires with all the added horsepower top the list!