Jason and Victoria dreamt of saying "I Do" with 60 of their closest family and
friends...and their toes in the sand. This fairytale wedding couldn't have happened
without love, dreams of Turks and Caicos and keeping focused on their big day!

Island wedding 1

What work and sacrifices has gone into this wedding to make it happen?

Jason: It has reaffirmed the decision on why we did it this way. If we stayed here our guest list would be much larger- and we may only have just a moment with each person. With this option we have only 60 people going, and people who have made a difference in our lives in one way or another. And to have 4-7 nights with these people it just reaffirms it.

What was the first process that went into planning this wedding?

Victoria: The location

Jason: We wanted it to be destination wedding. We wanted it to be convenient for those who traveled. We didn’t want to do Mexico- because we though most people have done the Mexico destination wedding. We wanted something different and exotic. And that was one thing that Turks and Caicos offered. And cost came into play and pleasing the masses

How many hours have gone into this wedding?

Jason: About 50 plus hours

Victoria: The wedding coordinator the resort deals with is actually off site in Jamaica. Luckily she has dealt with this resort and knows what she is going. And now it’s just a bunch of emailing back and forth.

Do you think things would be different if you didn’t have the coordinator?

Victoria: I don’t think it would be possible; there would be too much uncertainty.

How far did the financial consideration go? From your's and to others going.

Jason: We really took everyone else into consideration. I don’t think we really considered our situation after we made the decision to make it a destination wedding. The cost of the actual wedding day came out to be the same as if we were to plan a wedding here in Chicago. We just had to think about the travel and extra stay.

As the planning is going on, where did you store your financial planning?

Victoria: yes we printed everything out it’s in a binder. And in a folder in my email

How do you track down the finances on the account level? How detailed is it?

Jason: We know down to the dollar how much this wedding is going to be. It helps to have the financialsupport of the family.

Victoria: It's organized and laid out. I have it on a chart how much each person trip-meaning flight, hotel and food. Then I have on another chart that’s just the wedding, and it’s itemized. The wedding chart was actually put together by the wedding coordinator. The trip and everything my dad is paying for, I did that one. It is allowing us to see where the money is going.

Does the organization let you enjoy the actual event?

Victoria: Yes, having the destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort has made it seamless. You just get to pick what you want. A controlling bride wouldn’t be able to do this. you let go on the control.

Who has been your biggest supporter?

Victoria: Each other

Jason: And family

Fast forward 2 months from now, what would be your level of excitement?

Jason: Very excited- this day is everything

Victoria: This day represents the beginning of our lives together. The excitement level will be just as high on the day and the time after.

What has changed from the time you met, 6 years ago and today? What do you think will change after?

Jason: We have grown individually and as a couple. We have challenged each other and encouraged each other. We have tested one and another individually and as a couple. So much has changed- we have gone through great highs and great lows. We have celebrated together, laughed together every day, and we have loved each other deeply. It’s fair to say- our love has grown stronger each and every day together of the pass 6 years. We have mourned together, supported each other during those times. Some of the most challenging times that a person can go through in life and the deepest kind of lost are already behind us in our relationship. We have weather all of those things together as a team. Have it be a good day or a bad day in the relationship, we have always be able to come together as a team.

Would you change anything?

Victoria: No way

Jason: The moment I asked Victoria to marry me, was the day I realized that I don’t want live this life without this person by my side and part of my life. That was the day I went to go buy that ring and asked Victoria to spend her life with me. It wasn’t until that day did I realize my feelings are not going to change, and I was not interested in living out my life without this person.

Victoria: We are both on the same page about it. I wasn’t in a rush to get married. We wanted to go through the rough times together and make sure we would work. Didn’t want to get married right away and then find out later that it doesn’t work. We were on the both page on not jumping the gun. We had the big talks- about getting married, about having kids and everything big.

Jason: We could have been married sooner, we were in love right away, but we talked about waiting it out.

Any advice to those who want to get married?

Jason: If you have an ounce of doubt about that person being an extension of you, I would continue the relationship and not change anything. What I am really proud of in this relationship and engagement is that we have never compromised. We are willing to hold ourselves and one another

Victoria: If you have an expectation of someone and they are not delivering – then what are you doing. Be done with it and don’t drag it on.

Would you describe the road to marriage and the wedding as a steady line or rollercoaster?

Jason: A rollercoaster with plenty of loops, extreme drops and climbs and high speeds at time. At sometimes it felt like we were at a standstill, upside down on top of that loop, paused there.

Has the journey to marriage been unpredictable?

Victoria: it’s been unpredictable as a journey, but as people, that has been steady- we know who we are as individual. I know how he’s going to react; he knows how I will react.

Jason: I agree with that. The turbulence was in discovering each other. It’s been the most enjoyable rollercoaster ride for the past 4 years. The first 2 years- I didn’t know where the next turn was or when the loop was coming, because we were discovering each other. And I am so proud of that. At some point it was like we went through this dark tunnel and came out of it.

Do you feel like you are living your dream?

Victoria: Yes